Illustrations by Kevin Nichols


I love that it’s cold enough to bundle up in my warm Celtic shawl (almost a cloak, really) and cozy fleece mittens (a gift from my dear friend Cris) again! 


Calling all Witchy blogs !

If you post any of the following, please reblog and/or follow me so I may enjoy your finds.

- Pagan information (anything from Wicca to Celtic Polytheism, Kemetism, Asatru, and so on)
- Spells, Rituals, Potions
- Divination
- Inspiration Quotes
- Scenery pictures that make your heart yearn
- Moon cycles
- Faeries
- Deities
- Altars
- References/Resources
- etc etc!

Also like this post if your ask box is always open for questions about anything listed above and more.